21 Of The Best Self Care Tools for 2021

2021 is starting off where 2020 left off and if the emotional roller of it all is starting to overwhelm you again, we are here to present you with 21 Of The Best Self Care Tools for 2021. Including everything from skincare products, muscle recovery tools, luxurious robes and supplementation, this is the perfect opportunity for you to embark on your own Self Care journey or encourage a friend to take a break and treat themselves . Self Care is defined as the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, (in particular during periods of stress) so we compiled our top 21 favorite ways to do just that. Your Self Care has to start somewhere.... Start here.

The Shine APP

Self Care App

In an effort to help more people cope, process, and heal on a daily basis in a way that worked for them, the Shine Self Care App is on a mission to make caring for your mental and emotional health easier, more representative, and more inclusive. With anxiety and depression rising in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Shine App ($53/yr) inspires users to look after their mental health with the help of meditation, gratitude exercises and journaling. 


Self Heating Eye Mask Box Set
Ready for out-of-this-world relaxation? SpaceMasks Self Heating Eye Mask Box Set ($23.50) blocks out the world and transports you to a heavenly state of mind. Lightly infused with jasmine, the unique mask warms your eyes, melting tension and strain while helping you drift off to sleep (or take a few moments to yourself). Simply place the Space Mask over your eyes with the loops over your ears and enjoy.


Sunday Morning

Founded on the simple idea that you shouldn't have to choose between high quality, great design, fair pricing and doing good, Sunday Morning offers quality linen and glass pieces made of durable materials, transparent pricing and sustainable production. Our self care pick from Sunday Morning is their Sai Full-Length Linen Robe. Composed of French linen, the Sai Robe is a Japanese-inspired, full length Kimono-style statement piece. This robe compliments a relaxing soak perfectly and even though they are currently sold out, their other linen products are a great addition to your self care rituals at home.


Affirmation Hacks

Monthly Affirmation and gratitude journal
Affirmation Hacks has a mission to help change negative mindsets to positive around the world. With their Monthly Affirmation and Gratitude Journal ($19.99/month) they try to achieve this by offering a daily journal to promote happiness, develop a positive mindset, and increase self-confidence and self-esteem. Each month you’ll receive a custom curated journal with 30 daily affirmation and gratitude exercises designed to take your mindset to the next level.


Hygge Box

Deluxe hygge box
Hygge is a Danish term as described as a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. If that doesn’t scream Self Care, we don’t know what does. The Hygge box is a NYC based company that after experiencing Hygge on a trip to Sweden, knew that they wanted to offer a monthly box incorporating all things cozy. Offering the Standard and Deluxe Hygge box, ($36-49/month) the Hygge Box is about preserving happiness everyday. Each box includes handpicked items from around the world to support your hygge lifestyle and inspire hyggelig (nice) moments.


Lavende Farm

Lavender Candle/Planter
If you have been following us for a while you know we are a huge lover of Lavender in all of its forms. Lavende Farms takes this simple agricultural product, and transforms this commodity into multiple items for use by people of all ages and stages. Specifically their Lavender Candle/Planter ($38) features their signature lavender essential oil blended with pure, clean-burning soy wax and comes in terra cotta planters handcrafted in Mexico by Campo Di Fiore. Simplicity and sustainability come together in this limited edition offering.



 My Protein

5 HTP Natural Serotonin
Sleep plays a critical role in your overall health and well-being. Whether you're a committed gym-goer or simply living a busy modern lifestyle, it's crucial to get the right amount of rest to restore your body. 5-HTP is a compound that the body makes from the amino acid tryptophan, a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin, that's involved in many of the body's important functions. Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood, feeling of wellbeing, happiness, as well as helping with sleeping, eating, and digestion. My Protein’s 5 HTP Natural Serotonin ($38.99/30 count) helps increase your natural serotonin levels with 100mg 5-HTP per capsule in this convenient everyday supplement.



Heritage Tracker
While there may be tons of fitness trackers out there, they are not all created equal. The Oura Ring tracks key signals from your body, delivering critical insights to help you build good habits and harness your body’s potential every day. Not only is it waterproof but its battery life lasts 5-7 days to ensure that the Oura Heritage Tracker ($299) empowers you to understand and define your health on your terms, based on your data. 8 hours of sleep and 10,000 steps isn’t “healthy” for everyone and keeping track of your most important vitals like heart rate, respiration, and body temperature. The Oura tracker is a sure fire way to monitor how you can perform at your best.


Unplugged Essentials | Garden Based

Steep & Soak Set

Built around our mission to help you recover naturally through our organically grown, hemp infused bath soaks, this collaboration set is designed to help you unplug & get a restful nights sleep. Incorporating our 12oz Knight Recovery Soak with Garden Based all-natural loose leaf Dreamer Tea, relaxation is eminent. This "Steep & Soak" Box ($42.99) also comes in a numbered, custom designed box to commemorate the partnership and makes this set an awesome gift for friend or the beginning of your own personal Self Care journey.



Stone Diffuser
Being experts in natural scenting, Vitruvi uses their knowledge of botanicals and traditional blending methods to create sophisticated essential oil products for your day-to-day. Aroma changes our mood, relaxes us, and even takes us back to a specific memory. By diffusing essential oils in your space, you intentionally set the stage for how you show up for your loved ones, your work, and yourself. Vitruvi’s Stone Diffuser ($119) scents your home and looks beautiful while doing it. With a cover crafted out of matte ceramic, it doubles as a piece of décor—making it perfect for bedsides, countertops, and shelves. Set the tone for your Self Care journeys by incorporating this lovely diffuser in your space.


Stance Socks

Rowan Slipper
Made with their trademark ultra-durable knit material, the Rowan Slipper ($34.99) is the perfect combination of supreme comfort and tough durability. Pioneering a new standard for slipper expectations, the Rowan Slipper is a cozy addition to your self care Sundays.


Brown + Coconut

Healing Kale Mask
This line of plant-based powerhouse products not only do what they say they do, but also feel incredible to use. Brown and Coconut’s love of making luxurious botanical skin care that you simply can’t wait to come home to has led us to their intoxicating Healing Kale Mask ($28). This earthy clay mask is infused with deeply purifying plants and herbs that combine forces to calm and clear congested skin. The powerhouse ingredient? Vitamin and antioxidant rich Kale. It moisturizes and rejuvenates unbalanced skin while toning and hydrating. Taking care of your skin is one of the simplest forms of self care and this mask is a great introduction to clean, ethical skincare.


Birchstone Apothecary

Beach Rose Hydrosol
Birchstone Apothecary crafts minimalist skincare products with clean and locally sourced ingredients. Incorporating Ayurveda into their high vibrational products, what is there not to love. Their Beach Rose Hydrosol ($10) is handmade with gently harvested rosa rugosa petals from Westport, MA. It is also artisan distilled and wildcrafted! Mist throughout the day for a gentle moment of self-love.


Peg and Awl 

Pitch Black Bathtub Caddy
In this list you know we had to include something to compliment our favorite Self Care ritual and Peg and Awl’s Pitch Black Bathtub Caddy ($160) will turn your bathing experience into a dream. Made from sustainable oak, this caddy can also be ordered in custom or standard sizing as well as custom engraved. Handcrafted in Port Richmond, Philadelphia, turn your bathtub into the serene, spa like space you deserve.


Organic Bath Co

PeaceFull Organic Body Butter
Organic Bath Co. believes in self-care made simple: Mindful moments, peaceful thoughts and nurturing your skin from the outside in. The PeaceFull Organic Body Butter ($29) embodies what their brand is all about. It features dreamy Lavender Essential Oil to transport the mind to a state of relaxation. An extravagant blend of exotic Moroccan Argon, Jojoba and Sunflower Oils deeply hydrate, leaving skin supple and smooth. Shea Butter heals irritated skin as it shields from dehydration, leaving skin drenched in all day moisture. This handcrafted body butter creates a “Zen-Like” calming experience while also being a luxurious moisturizer.


Eco Strength

Hemp and Jute Performance Yoga Mat
Eco-conscious, functional, stylish and affordable for anyone who opts for a spirited life while protecting our environment, Eco Strength offers a mix of sustainable yoga, fitness equipment and fitness accessories. Their Hemp and Jute Performance Yoga Mat ($44.99) is designed for comfort, performance, and sustainability. This non-toxic, latex and silicone free hemp yoga mat is all-natural making it perfect for your eco-friendly lifestyle. Self Care comes in many forms and whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner, their mats are a perfect addition to your mindful practices.


The Mindful Athlete by George Mumford
Working with legendary athletes including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and Lamar Odom, George Mumford’s The Mindful Athlete: The Secret to Pure Performance ($16.95 on paperback) shares his own story and the strategies that have made these athletes into stars. His proven, gentle but groundbreaking mindfulness techniques can transform the performance of anyone with a goal, be they an Olympian, weekend warrior, executive, hacker, or artist. This book is a must have for anyone looking to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.


Flor De Maria

Built upon finding the best sustainably sourced ingredients, Flor De Maria’s small batch CBD-infused edibles are truly an indulgence crafted with the purest ingredients. Our favorite, the Amagansett Sea Salt & Nibs ($22) combines dark chocolate with gently crushed roasted cacao beans from Ecuador for a pleasantly fruity yet bittersweet crunch, finished with a touch of Amagansett Sea Salt and 120mg of CBD. Enjoying this decadent chocolate while also getting 10mg of CBD per square is one of our favorite forms of self care!


Marc Pro

Recover Device
Designed and manufactured in the USA, Marc Pro has swept through professional and collegiate sports as the preeminent recovery method for injury prevention, relieving exercise related pain, improving performance, and maintaining proper biomechanics. The Marc Pro Recover ($699) is a unique EMS device that helps muscles recover faster and eliminates fatigue. Over trained, sore or looking to recover more efficiently ? This is the Self Care tool for you.



Total Human
Onnit is on a mission to empower as many individuals as possible with a holistic philosophy regarding physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. They believe that if people have access to the best tools and knowledge, they will be able to achieve their fullest human potential, leading to a global movement for the good of all. With offering everything from nutrition, fitness equipment and apparel, we chose their Total Human 30 day complete supplement pack ($137.95) to be included in our list because its a collection of only the essential and clinically-studied vitamins, minerals, and other botanical nutrients that have been shown to be beneficial, all together in one place. If you are looking to start or change up your vitamin game, this is a great option to optimize your intake.



Compact Cork Massage Roller
Knowing that a daily self-care routine was vital for physical and mental well-being, the founders of Rawlogy went searching the world for natural raw materials that were renewable, lightweight, and durable for their products. Conscientiously made from renewable cork, which has been sustainably harvested from FSC-certified forests, their Compact Cork Massage Roller ($39.99) helps to release built-up tension and relieve stiffness with the most eco-friendly "Not-Foam" roller in the world! Tenderizing those tight and sore muscles to help you get back to training faster is made simple by this awesome and sustainable company.

 And there you have it! These are our 21 OF THE BEST SELF CARE TOOLS FOR 2021. Keep in mind however that Self Care is not a “one size fits all” practice and we are sure there are many other ways you can practice self love mindfully. If you have any other tools that you feel should be on the list, please let us know in the comments below. Here’s to making 2021 your best year while being your best self with this effective Self Care tools.

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