Cypress : The Queen of Recovery

Queen Cypress Essential Oil pose

What does it mean to be a Queen? For us, we tend to define a Queen as someone who is not only successful but extremely powerful. With all of that divine energy comes a need to recover and that's where our main essential oil for the Queen soak comes in | Cypress

Cypress essential oil is made from cupressus sempervirens, also known as Mediterranean cypress. The cypress tree is an evergreen, with small, rounded and woody cones. It has scale like leaves and tiny flowers. This powerful essential oil is valued because of its ability to fight infections, aid the respiratory system, remove toxins from the body, and work as a stimulant that relieves nervousness and anxiety. Some of the major recovery benefits from this amazing oil are:

  • Helps to relieve muscle cramps and pulls
  • Works to relieve stress and anxiety through its calm and relaxing scent
  • Aids in healing wounds due to its antiseptic properties

Cypress truly is the queen of recovery and is one of our favorite essential oils. From its many therapeutic benefits and distinct woody and earthy scent, cypress truly is amazing!

Cypress essential oils for the Queen

If you’d like to soak with this amazing oil, check out the queen soak in all of our lines, Original | Recovery | Detox 

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