Healing + A Little History

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about recovery. It’s the name of one of our collections, but it’s also necessary to the human experience.

We live in a society that is all about the hustle and the ‘go, go, go’ lifestyle. The hustle mentality has proven its value in what we’re trying to do.

But what about our moments to unwind?

It’s just as important to take a giant step away from everything we have going on once in a while. It’s all about balance and without it we’re not going to perform at our best.

We’re so passionate about unplugging because of our founder Kevin’s story.

From that one powerful experience, we knew how important it was to take time to breathe and develop a self-care routine.

That’s why we wanted to replicate the same experience for your own home.

It feels luxurious and enriching to take time for yourself, doesn’t it? It’s the best way to feel like the king (or queen) you are!

But have you ever taken the time to consider why Epsom salt is our recommended go-to when it comes to recovery? It’s not a new piece of knowledge, but the origins may surprise you.
Hands cupping epsom salt
A Brief History of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt got its name from the English town where it was founded in the 17th century. It bubbled out from an underground spring. That's when a cowherd named Henry Wicker noticed something strange.

His cows refused to drink the water and when he tasted it himself, found it was bitter. While the cows wouldn’t drink it, Wicker noticed that they healed a lot faster if they waded into it. When the Epsom-rich water evaporated, it left the crystals behind that we now know very well today.

It attracted people from all over the world. So much so, that Epsom became the number one spa destination of its day. Epsom salts were primarily used as a laxative. People used them this way for the next 350 years. Of course, Epsom salts are still used in this way today, but we now know that there’s so much more to their use.
Woman soaking in unplugged essentials healing
The Benefits

The main mineral that helps you feel good and blissed-out is not salt as the name suggests, but magnesium. For our body, it's a crucial mineral to have, and a deficiency can throw off everything. Those with a magnesium deficiency can experience heightened feelings of anxiety and stress.

Magnesium is essential because it helps in muscle and nerve function. It supports the immune system and regulates blood pressure.

Having a bath that contains Epsom salt has many benefits. It soothes the muscles, detoxifies the body, and hydrates the skin. It’s antiseptic. It’s cleansing.

The verdict is out in the science community on whether taking a bath with Epsom salts is beneficial to one's health. But many people have reported that they sleep deeper and wake up refreshed. It offers relief from pain and a general feeling of relaxation.
Unplugged Essentials King Recovery Soak
Our Blends + You

We add essential oils to our handcrafted mixes so that you can get the most out of your soak experience. Whether you’re trying to recover from aching muscles or detox. Choose the one that benefits you the most.

Another key ingredient is our Water Soluble Hemp Based CBD Extract. It’s a simple, yet powerful addition that helps with skin conditions, anxiety and other mood disorders, and pain while also being developed specifically to be dispersed in water.

With the soon to be release of our King Muscle Balm + Queen Body Butter, we’ve been talking more about our Recovery collection. The result is an energetic, refreshing combination to get you back on your feet and doing what you love.

But if you’re looking for a little bit of detox with your recovery, you’ll reap all the benefits of both.

We’re passionate about sharing our collection with you. We want you to be one less person moving through society stressed out and slugging through life.

There are too many stress-related diseases out there. You can’t afford not to take a moment to yourself.

You deserve a break. A chance to sit back and relax.

Check out our store to see which blend works best for you.

That way you can get back to working hard.

Playing harder.

And recovering always.

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