Queen Detox

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You deserve to treat yourself like a queen and with this soak you can.The intention of creating this soak is to offer a rejuvenating and detoxifying experience using natural, ethically sourced ingredients. 


  • Supportive in the removal of bacteria, toxins and unwanted oils on the skin
  • Re hydrates and softens skin
  • Helps to reduce muscle tension, pain and cramps
  • Assists in dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Reduces inflammation and relaxes muscles

12 ounces | 100 mg

2-3 Soaks per bag


Magnesium Sulfate, Black Lava Salt, French Grey Sea Salt, Activated Charcoal, Water Soluble Hemp-Derived Phytocannabinoids,* Ylang Ylang, Cypress, Atlas Cedar Essential Oils

Scent Profile

Rain forest | Woody | Floral | Luscious 

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