It’s remarkable how one experience can change your path forever.

For me, that "experience" was the first time I soaked for 90 mins in water laden with 1,000 lbs of dissolved Epsom salt heated to skin temperature in a pitch black room while wearing ear plugs. At that time in my life, to say I was skeptical about the "healing powers of self care" would be an understatement. I never could have imagined that five years later I would drop everything and dedicate my life to offering a similar experience to others: to facilitate people on their own journey of self-care from the comfort of their own homes. But, before we dive into our history, let me first introduce myself. My name is Kevin, and I am the founder of Unplugged Essentials.

To be honest, the goal was never to get into the "CBD space." Like most things, it just sort of happened.

The original mission, inspired by my profound float experience, was to open a float center in my hometown of New Bedford, Ma. After about two years of planning and trying to raise the funds for our massive build out, it became abundantly clear that we would have to pivot in order to make our goals a reality. I wondered how we could mimic the experience of floating - at least the physical benefits - and offer it as a take-home event that is accessible to everyone. That thought experiment prompted our journey into the product world and compelled us to research and develop a way to curate an experience we could be proud of.

Researching the natural benefits of our ingredients, how they’re sourced, and the synergistic effects they have when combined kept me up at night. Not content to simply use physically beneficial ingredients, we sought to dial in the entire sensory experience... paying careful attention to the way our sourcing plays into our objectives. To curate experiences that stimulate the body and mind in an effort to facilitate growth and self awareness is, at its core, what Unplugged Essentials stands for as a brand

The Inspiration

I’ve always held a special place in my heart for chess. The strategy, intent, expansiveness and symbolism of the game continues to intrigue me and was one of the first points of inspiration for our products. There are many similarities with chess and mindfulness. In drawing from those similarities, the concept of our scent profiles were based on “what a Knight, Queen or King would need to recover, How each piece plays a specific role and what would allow them to perform at their best. Abstract thinking… maybe a little, but I believe it allowed us to craft unique products with scent profiles that enhance the overall experience.

The Future

The objective of Unplugged has always been to introduce an immersive in-person experience incorporating various wellness modalities. Think spa/wellness retreat that delivers simple wellness modalities like floating, contrast therapy, cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy with special attention to each sensory input and texture within the space. As we have continued to grow with our products the ability to start to build out our vision for the wellness experience is in the not too distant future.

Curious to learn more about the thought process behind the brand? We recently started an audio newsletter/podcast to share more of our story.

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