King Detox

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They say, “Heavy is the head that wears the crown” and the King Detox soak was brought to life with the intention of lightening that load. Methodically chosen and sourced ingredients combine to help the body to get rid of accumulated stress quickly and efficiently. Transition to a state of deep relaxation while maintaining concentration and mental focus to get you back on track.


  • Helps to re hydrate and soften skin
  • Supports joint and muscular pain relief
  • Eases congestion and helps to stimulate respiratory function
  • Mentally stimulating
  • Aids in removal of bacteria, toxins and unwanted oils on the skin

12 ounces | 100 mg

2-3 Soaks per bag


Magnesium Sulfate, Black Lava Salt, French Grey Sea Salt, Activated Charcoal, Water Soluble Hemp-Derived Phytocannabinoids, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Clove Essential Oils

Scent Profile

Minty | Invigorating | Clean | Robust

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