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The Top Benefits Of Epsom Salt For Athletes

Epsom Salt Baths for Athletes – and why you need one NOW!

Your average athlete is not aware of the wonderful benefits of Epsom salt baths and how they can not only aid the recovery process but also help the body absorb vital minerals – but we are hear to shout it from the rooftops! Epsom Salt Baths can actually boost the bodies ability to grow new muscle tissue, and all athletes should be using them as part of their recovery process at least twice a week.

Why Epsom Salt Baths are so good for Athletes

As one of the most vital minerals in the body, magnesium makes up most of the chemical compound of Epsom salts. It has been scientifically proven that soaking in a bath with these added to the water helps to increase magnesium levels in the blood. Why is that so important? Because magnesium is needed for the production of new tissue and cells such as DNA and muscles. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to grow or strengthen our bones, steadily regulate how our muscles move or even digest most of our meals… it is just that important.

The Top Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths for Athletes

An athlete needs to strengthen and grow new muscles, bones and tissues on a daily basis. The majority of athletes out there are probably suffering from a magnesium deficiency right at this very moment without even knowing it! Long term this will cause health problems but your more immediate concern ought to be that you can’t get fitter without appropriate levels of it in your body.

Cue the Epsom Salt Bath for athletes. Soaking in the magnesium allows the element to pass into the blood stream through the skin and into the cells directly, speeding all sorts of bodily functions that need aid. One bath presents the same amount of magnesium increase in the blood as one weeks worth of high dosing magnesium supplements.

The benefits of Epsom Salt Baths for athletes don’t end there, either. The anti-inflammatory effects found in the sulfate ions it contains helps to soothe, unwind and disentangle wrought muscles. This has a prolonged effect and works to combat the familiar aches and pains of a hard day at the gym. This will last for days too, so you shouldn’t wake up with disgruntled muscles after unwinding in an Epsom Salt Bath.

What Are the Specific Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths for Athletes?

Athletes can experience the healing benefits of Epsom salt through muscle recovery and relaxation. Soaking in Epsom salt baths helps reduce inflammation and soreness, making it a great post-workout recovery method. The magnesium in the salt can also improve nerve and muscle function, aiding in overall athletic performance.

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