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Steep & Soak Box Set - Unplugged Essentials

Steep & Soak Box Set

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 This collaboration is designed to help you unplug & get a restful nights sleep. Incorporating our 12oz Knight Recovery Soak with Garden Based all-natural loose leaf Dreamer Tea, relaxation is eminent. This Steep & Soak Box also comes in a numbered, custom designed box to commemorate the partnership and makes this set an awesome gift or a start to your own self care journey.

*Limited to 250 Box Sets*

Knight Recovery Soak | 12 oz 100mg | 2-3 bath soaks

Dreamer Tea | reusable bamboo box | BPA free silicone steeper | 1 pack of loose leaf “Dreamer” (serves 12 cups, 1 tbsp =1 cup).


Knight Recovery Soak

Magnesium Sulfate, Water Soluble Hemp-Derived Phytocannabinoids, * Lavender, Juniper Berry, Bergamot Essential Oils

Garden Based "Dreamer" Tea

Skullcap, Lavender, Rose Petals

It’s remarkable how one experience can change your path forever.

For me, that "experience" was the first time I soaked for 90 mins in water laden with 1,000 lbs of dissolved Epsom salt heated to skin temperature in a pitch black room while wearing ear plugs . At that time in my life, to say I was skeptical about the "healing powers of self care" would be an understatement ... continue reading

Organically Grown Hemp, Sustainably Sourced Salts & Carefully Curated Essential Oil Blends

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