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“When I finally left the tub I was blissed out — with soft and silky skin — and ready for bed.”

The Strategist

"Amid the pandemic, Unplugged Essentials offers brief escapes for anxious consumers."

Beauty Independent

"The perfect addition to your wellness routine."

Black and Well Magazine

"Unplugged Essentials brings the spa experience into your lovely abode."


"A terrific health-conscious and environmentally-friendly brand."


“I feel as though I have just meditated for an hour; my muscles aren’t tense and my mind is at ease.”

Amy T.

Discover the Art of Mindful Relaxation: Explore Our Curated Collection of Self-Care Products

The Essence of
Unplugged Essentials

In a world where success is often a relentless pursuit, it's vital to carve out moments of reprieve. Unplugged Essentials is your partner in creating a self-care sanctuary right in your home. With our organic bath soaks and skincare products infused with essential oils and bespoke cannabinoid blends, let each day be a step toward a more balanced and enriched life.

About Us - The Essence

About Us - The Power of Nature

The Power of Nature

Our products are crafted from the earth’s most cherished ingredients. With a blend of organic elements and distinctive essential oils, experience a rejuvenation that transcends the skin. Immerse yourself in our luxurious soaks, where water-soluble hemp and bespoke aromatherapy essence intertwine, offering a truly enchanting experience. And when it comes to skincare, our thoughtfully formulated products, infused with the perfect blend of CBD|CBC & CBG, work in harmony to lavish your body and mind with tender care.


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