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Elevate Your Self-Care: No Complications, Just Pure Bliss

First off, I love taking baths often. These products really elevate my experience with not only physical results like muscle relaxation, but also help me mentally unwind after a long day. I love all of the different scents but the cypress is my favorite. I really look forward to taking a bath when I’m stocked up on the salts.
Sam V.
As someone with a very active lifestyle Unplugged’s products have been a huge weapon in my self care arsenal. The King soak and muscle balm are my go to’s to help fight fatigue, soreness and tight muscles. My wife also loves the Queen Body Butter. You can tell they use quality ingredients and care in their products. Always happy with the products and service.
James S.
Being a busy mama always on the go you can imagine how much I look forward to a nice relaxing bath. I absolutely love this bath soak it does not disappoint. It smells amazing and most importantly it really does put your body in a nice relaxed state ready for a full night's rest.
Pearl L.

About Us

Our goal is to curate experiences that stimulate the body and mind. We achieve this by building intentionally designed bath and body products made from powerful and organic botanicals with each offering built off of 11 ingredients or less…

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Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint & Clove

Cypress, Ylang-Ylang & Atlas Cedar

Lavender, Juniper Berry & Bergamot

Unscented Magnesium Sulfate & Organic Hemp

Body Bar

Discover the essence of natural luxury with our Body Bars, where each bar is a masterpiece crafted mindfully with organic ingredients. Infused with shea butter, coconut oil & our bespoke blends of essential oils, our bars promise not just a cleanse, but a holistic experience. 


Immerse yourself in the transformative power of our Hemps Soaks, a sanctuary within your bathing experience that synergistically incorporates Magnesium Sulfate, our Water Soluble Hemp & Essential Oil Blends. Let the stress of the day dissolve away as you surrender to the embrace of our luxurious soaks, curated for the ultimate relaxation experience.


Enhance your skincare ritual with our King Muscle Balm and Queen Body Butter, each crafted to address your skin’s deepest needs while indulging your senses. The King Muscle Balm, with its potent blend of natural ingredients, offers targeted relief and recovery, perfect for soothing sore muscles and rejuvenating tired skin. Meanwhile, the Queen Body Butter envelops you in a cocoon of moisture, its rich formula infused with organic shea butter and essential oils, designed to nourish and protect, leaving your skin silky smooth and radiantly healthy. Together, they form a duo that transforms everyday skincare into an act of self-love and luxury.

Our Soak & Body Bundle

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Embark on a journey of rejuvenation and mindfulness with the Soak and Body Bar Bundle. Curated with love and intention, this set is designed for the lovers of the art of unwinding. Your journey to mindfulness and self-care starts here. Treat yourself to the Soak and Body Bar Bundle and embrace the unplugged lifestyle with each of our scented Body Bars and Soaks. With this set, you can transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis, and enjoy a bespoke, sensory experience with every bath/shower.

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