New Year, New Us? The PREQUEL

Happy New Year!!!! We got out of 2020 by the proverbial skin of our teeth. Interestingly enough though, this year has thrown so many things into flux that it just so happens that the momentum of positivity for us has hit a pivotal point and is carrying us well into 2021. 

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Kevin the founder of Unplugged Essentials. If this is your first time reading anything about us I’ll try to give a brief overview of our evolution prior to sharing what we plan to achieve in the coming months and year. 

Unplugged Essentials came from me truly being burnt out and not knowing where to turn. I was running my first business, Kaisan Trucking while coaching and competing as an amateur kickboxer. Needless to say I was mentally and physically drained all of the time. But even while being constantly over trained and overstimulated, I was dedicated to figuring out how to perform at my best, consistently. 

Floating came into my life via a recommendation from a training partner and that's when the game changed. For the first time in my life I felt truly rejuvenated and in the fairly brief 90 min session, my mind and body felt back in tune. Unfortunately floating wasn’t truly accessible to me as the nearest location was over an hour away and the time and cost made it difficult to make floating the ritual I needed. That problem has led me down this path of making self care rituals not only acceptable but also educating on the various other modalities that can help you Unplug, Recover & Evolve.

From day one, that has been the mission. To help people unplug, recover mindfully and evolve to become their best self. The elephant in the room of starting such an endeavor is that other than trucking, I had no idea the sheer magnitude of information and skill needed to run a product based business. But I dove in and I am extremely grateful that I did. Over the 3 years we have been in business, what we have learned, grown into and achieved is what I am most proud of. Consisting of my sister Kiana, my lovely girlfriend Monica and myself, everything you see, touch and experience from Unplugged comes from our hands collectively. And though that has gotten us this far, coming into 2021 we have some exciting collaborations, new additions and some lofty goals to take us to the next level! ( with your help of course )

Speaking of your help, I’d truly appreciate any and all feedback you have about the brand. From pricing to products and even packaging, I’d love to know what you love about us and what we could do better. Unplugged Essentials would still be just an idea without you so I want to make sure we do our best to keep you happy! Just shoot a comment below and we will be forever grateful. 

Happy New Year, you are extremely appreciated and I will be expanding our major announcements soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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