What does Unplugging mean?

Creating something from nothing is an extremely unique experience. Your creativity, tenacity and ego need to be working together synergistically in order to stand a chance in making something cohesive. In the beginning of our journey, the first step for us was to attempt to explain what the idea was. With our attention being consumed constantly between our phones, stress and multiple streams of content, we wanted to create a space in which people would be able to X out of those tabs and reconnect with themselves. That's a little long of an explanation so from that idea, we started to distill down our objectives and how to express ourselves frankly. To unplug, or the act of unplugging is at its core, exactly that. 

Disconnecting from distraction while being overwhelmed and just being on autopilot is a difficult proposition for most. I mean, it's quite easy to get sucked into a cycle of routine. But that routine is also what stagnates our growth, happiness and success. Now we both know it's much easier said than done, but starting a mindful practice doesn't have to be extravagant. 

Unplugging can be 5 minutes focusing on your breathing with your eyes closed. It can be a walk in the woods while leaving your phone in your car. Or, it can be a mindfully prepared bath soak in any of our hemp infused soaks while listening to our soak vibes playlist. Any way your start to unplug is the right way. Be kind to yourself and your self care has to start somewhere… start here.

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