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Easy ways to use the weekend as a tool for self care

A woman sitting in bed during the day practicing selfcare on a weekend.

Recovery goes deeper than a soak in the tub. Our weekly habits also contribute to the way we refresh our bodies, minds, and spirits. The weekend can easily slip into a time for overworking or playing too hard. Here are some simple tips for creating a weekend that will set your week up for success. Here are three simple tips to use your weekend to recover naturally.

Self Care Tip #1

Move your body 

Many of us spend our week days sitting down in front of the computer or at the very least fairly sedentary during our work hours.  Whether it be a morning or evening stretching routine, an after brunch walk or a quick body weight workout, getting some movement in will help you feel better during the upcoming week and help you get into a more consistent routine that can bleed over into your weekday habits.

Self Care Tip #2

Pay attention to what you put into your body

Weekends typically turn into over indulgent feasts of food and drink as a way to “reward” yourself for a hard work week. What we don’t realize is that the uptick in calories and overeating leaves us sluggish, disrupts our sleep patterns and can leave you inflamed moving into your Monday mornings. Now don’t get us wrong, certainly enjoy that Friday night pizza but be mindful of over eating as a reward mechanism.

Self Care Tip #3

Make time to unplug

If you haven’t noticed, we are big proponents of unplugging and reconnecting with self. That includes carving out some time to be in nature, meditate, soak and just get out of your phone and back in tune with your body/mind. A 5 minute breath work session and thinking of 5 things you are grateful for is a great start and will help put you in a mindset to crush the upcoming week. However you chose to unplug, just make sure you check in with yourself.

What are some easy self-care activities that can be done on the weekend to prioritize well-being?

Embarking on a beginner’s guide to selfcare can transform weekends into wellness oases. Consider a gentle yoga flow, savoring a nourishing brunch, or losing yourself in a compelling book. Even a simple mindfulness walk through nature recharges both body and spirit, setting the tone for a tranquil week ahead.

And Remember….

Mondays need not be a drag. Starting with these three easy tips, you can transform your miserable Monday mornings into a refreshing start to your week. Utilize your weekends for weekday success. Unplug, Recover & Evolve!

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