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How to Hack your Self Care Sundays

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When our bodies and minds are exhausted, it can be hard to show up and/or maintain stamina for a busy week.  Self-care is a voluntary and deliberate, self-initiated regulatory function universal to all humans (and not restricted to one day of the week). Windows of opportunity to de-stress and regroup, whether it’s before the week ahead, multiple time out sessions throughout the schedule or recuperation from a period of high energy output, the benefits have a profound effect on stress and fatigue.  Your own idea of self-care might vastly differ from ours or anyone else’s but it is the end result that remains the same, nourishment and restoration of your mind, body and soul. We can give you a long list of activities but at the end of the day, what makes you happy, fulfilled and in a better position to be present, is essentially how to hack your self-care Sunday.

Self Care 101

Gratitude In

One fundamental key is to take a moment to mindfully recognize and appreciate yourself.  It’s not about how or when you practice but rather consistency in the act itself. It’s your time to show yourself some compassion, thank yourself for accomplishing and crushing life. It may help to write or type those reflections and affirmations out for a nice reminder during gloomy moments. Read more about practicing self-love here.  

Step out

Visit friends, family or just simply find a busy spot to people watch. It’s one way to absorb energies you may be missing while in a daily WFH or another isolated environment. Find your favorite scenery. We mention nature a lot but that may not be in everyone’s vicinity or comfort zone.  Observe nature and animals or people and patterns. How do they relate to you? How do they differ? Can you make sense of it or is it puzzling?

On the Daily, the extended version

Everyone has their own day to day series of events often performed on auto pilot. It may feel unnatural to schedule a time for yourself so why not take a few minutes here and there by extending your normal daily rituals. Wake up slow. Treat yourself to an extra-long grooming session. Relax and soak in your favorite hemp soak blend. Apply an extra deep conditioning hair or other treatment in the shower. Moisturize and polish your skin with a favorite lotion, oil or butter. Mask up and brighten your glow. Hair, face, neck, feet or all of the above. Throw in a bonus creative activity by doctoring up a DIY version. Refresh your style with some unlikely mixing and matching of pieces in your wardrobe.

The What & Where

Set your scene

Intentionally throw on music as a soundtrack to your day. Belt out some favorite lyrics or let out a good cry. Let the outside in by opening up the windows. (Maybe not in that order) But on a factual note, science has revealed positive mood boosting effects of birdsong on humans. There are also neuroscience studies suggesting the act of singing can be soothing and therapeutic for stress and anxiety. 

Treat yourself

Indulge in what makes you happy. Is it a carb loaded cheat day? Maybe a self-care…Sundae? Hit up your favorite restaurant for a comfort food craving. Or the opposite, is your body craving nourishment in the form of fresh vitamin rich foods. Not only limited to dietary indulgences, turn off the productive brain for a bit and do something mindless and fun. In the market for something new, turn to some retail therapy. We’re not condoning any thoughtless or perilous behaviors, just live a little and notice how that email with tracking information for that new toy affects your mood. Feed your hunger. Are you yearning to learn more about something? Dive into a documentary, podcast or read up on something you are passionate about. Write or record a video about yourself, what’s your story?

Self Care isn’t just for Sunday

Plan your next move

It seems like work but hear us out. Prepping for the week opens up the opportunity for some much-needed free time or breaks during a crowded routine. Jotting down your to do list might free up some mental space allowing for more enjoyment the rest of your self-care Sunday. Some meal planning or prep could work threefold by keeping you motivated towards wellness goals, maintaining nutritional fuel and giving you more time when you need it most.

Give yourself something to look forward to by working on a dream or Pinterest board for your next solo or group vacation. Invest in yourself by learning a new skill.

In Summation….

Mindfully incorporating self-care into your schedule may take some practice and restructuring. It doesn’t even need to last an entire day. However, it is an important component to enrich, restore and revive our mental, emotional and physical health.

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Can Self Care Sundays be Incorporated into Weekend Self Care Routines?

Yes, Self Care Sundays can definitely be incorporated into weekend self care routines. Taking time to relax and recharge is essential for overall well-being. Incorporating self care practices into your weekend self care routine can help reduce stress and improve your mood. Check out these weekend self care tips to get started.

Simple Self-Care Soaks to help you Unplug, Recover & Evolve

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