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Powerlifter Recovery Options

Powerlifter? Epsom Salts can boost your recovery!

In the weight lifting or bodybuilding worlds gains are just as important as cutting, and both are of similar value to the recovery process. Without a proper warm up or cool down routine you can damage your body and be out of a competition before it even begins. Luckily we know the secret to speedy recovery; an Epsom Salt bath for Powerlifters has numerous benefits. Let’s talk about why…

What Soaking in an Epsom Salt Bath does

Powerlifter recovery can be aided by using around 100-200g of Epsom salts poured into a warmed bath. In a cold bath it is unlikely to dissolve, although some powerlifter’s recovery requires cold therapy. If you are just finished an ordinary workout an Epsom Salt bath will not only relax and unwind your muscles, it has underlying health benefits as well.


Epsom Salts are made of a mix of Sulfate Ions and Magnesium, both of which have a positive effect when you soak in them for ten to twenty minutes a few times a week. Magnesium is a vital mineral that the body needs to regulate muscles, blood sugar and blood pressure. It is also important in making proteins, making new bone tissue and growing new cells. In fact, without it we would be unable to generate new muscle and working out would be pointless, which gives you a glimpse of how important it is for powerlifter’s to have a high magnesium intake.


Powerlifting recovery is sped up by the presence of the healing magnesium, which the skin soaks up while you are in the bath, but that’s not all Epsom Salts do. The combing action of soaking in hot water while allowing your body to absorb the mineral allows you to unwind and untangle muscles and connective tissues at a much faster rate than a regular cool down might.

And the benefits of Epsom Salt Baths for Powerlifters doesn’t end there!

Epsom Salt baths for athletes increase the absorption by up to a full weeks worth of Magnesium dietary supplements in one sitting. Three or four times a week this might just become an essential part of your own recovery that helps you bulk faster. The healing properties of the magnesium will speed blood flow to the muscles and help your vascularity should you be presenting in any body sculpting competitions.


As a further benefit, as if there weren’t enough already, the act of being in a bath increases sweating, and sweating helps draw the last of the toxins from the body. So the hotter your Epsom salt bath is, the better! You can get all of these benefits and more when you buy your bath soaks from Unplugged Essentials.


We believe in the healing power of our soaks and have made a lasting commitment to providing the best in bath accouterments made with the finest ingredients. All of our products contain herbs chosen for their restorative abilities, essential oils tailored to specific ends and Epsom Salts that are rich in that all-important Magnesium. If you want to make better gains and retain them then give it a try for yourself. You might be surprised by the results – but you won’t be surprised by the quality.


So add a Hemp Soak to your supplement list and start making use of it today!

Do Epsom Salt Baths Benefit Powerlifters for Recovery?

Powerlifters often turn to Epsom salt baths for athletes recovery with Epsom salt benefits. The magnesium sulfate in the salt can help reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, making it a valuable tool for post-workout recovery. This natural remedy may aid in improving overall performance and shortening recovery time.

Treat yourself like a KING after your long days and exhausting workouts…

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